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Embark Flight helps you detect risks that others don't

Fly the safe skies

Traditional flight planning tools create straight routes from origin to destination. A pilot must consider factors like airspace and weather and manually adjust to route around trouble. Embark identifies common concerns and risk factors and recalculates routes in seconds.

You are in command

Embark identifies restrictions like Class B airspace, TFRs and MOAs. Plot your own course with "rubber band" planning, or use an automatic route optimized for speed, fuel and minimizing risk.

Clear Skies
Clear skies ahead

Fly only through conditions that you decide. Avoid convective weather forecasts, AIRMETs and SIGMETs. Tailor a personal risk profile for automatic routes that stay in your comfort zone.

Sectional Map
More than just a map

Embark can route around high terrain, large bodies of water or even dense populated areas automatically. Color-coded routes relative speed, risk, or fuel economy.

What pilots are saying about Embark

“Many times I’ve been using a detailed weather planning tool, dug deeply into weather for a route, and then had to ‘start over’ when I made a change. I had to manually look at several routes and then try to remember enough to choose between them. Embark's approach of taking a direct route and finding the risks on that route and notifying the pilot by showing the risks graphically are all excellent, especially the feature of showing weather risk based on forward-looking radar predictions.”

Jesse Hercules, General Aviation Pilot

Embark Capabilities


  • Non-Stop VFR flights in the Continental U.S.
  • By distance, duration or fuel
  • Estimate arrival time and fuel consumption
  • Optimize route for wind forecasts


  • Adjust risk factors to automatically avoid hazards
  • Aircraft profiles
  • Compare alternative flight plans
  • Tolerance of cross winds, turbulence and cloud formations


  • Large bodies of water
  • Airspaces, SUAs and TFRs
  • Elevated Terrain


  • 36-hour planning window with weather forecasts
  • Airspaces, MOAs, AIRMETs, Lakes and more
  • Wind and risk profiles along flight path

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